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CV and other templates that will help make your job application simple and fuss-free

Here are some simple templates to help you get started with writing your CV, whether you are applying for a job online or by post, our templates will simplify  your CV writing process and could improve your chances of getting hired! 

Keep in mind, while some people like to add “Key Skills” or “Core Competencies” to the top of their CV. This is not a must-have, but we do recommend you put this in your CV as this can help increase your keyword count so you can match the job description or advert better, which gives your CV a higher chance to be seen by a recruiter.  For more information on how to write a good CV, take a look at our CV help section.

General CV Template

A basic CV template that uses a standard CV appropriate font with a simple layout. This simple but effective CV template is suitable for all types of online job applications in HK.

Graduate CV Template

This Graduate CV Template can help when you are showcasing your skills to your new company or potential employer

Job Assessment Template

Assess different jobs and keep a log of your favourite companies here.

IT CV Template

A 2-page CV template featuring a no-fuss, simple layout that puts emphasis on your tasks and responsibilities, perfect for those who want to apply for a job in the IT industry. 

USA Resume Template

This simple and well-organised 2-page template can work well as a CV or a resume. Featuring a neutral design your information will be easy for prospective employers to quickly read through.

SWOT Questions Template

Work on your SWOT with these questions for each pillar.

Teacher CV Template

Designed for a teaching role in mind this template features a clean and classic layout, creating a simple but professional and put together CV that will impress your future employer. 

Job Hunt Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet can help you organize and ensure you follow up with people jobs and companies at the right time

Contact Us 

Can’t find a specific CV template you are looking for? We are more than ready to help you! Send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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