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Mental Wellness


Your job search journey can occasionally lead you down a long and sometimes disappointing road. The solution to this demoralising chapter isn’t always as simple as it sounds (e.g. sending out more CV’s and going to more interviews). We are in a time where the job market is competitive as ever, and even the strongest candidates are not guaranteed a ticket to success. While the majority of us were never taught how to deal with the emotional adversity that is job search depression, we all at one point have felt it and can relate. So, let’s help each other out. We’ve gathered a selection of mental wellness stories and articles from people who are supporters of Recruiters Give Back that will hopefully help you cope with uncertain times. 


Click here to go to our wellness articles and links to read about how you can positively affect your mental health while you get back to work.  

Click here to go to our blog which will have regular positive updates on what is happening in Hong Kong and the world. Also, how we are all helping each other while we aim to find a job and get back to work.



If you have any mental wellness stories and articles you think would be useful please send it to

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