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Helpful Links, Free Offers and Other Resources For Unemployed Job Seekers

If you are one of the many job seekers out there looking for career advice, there are plenty of helpful blogs that you can access. While Career Coaches are an excellent resource and guidance, a session can be costly. Whether you have questions about starting your job hunt or need to know how to prepare for an interview, it’s likely that there are free resources and blog posts written on the topic. 


The majority of blog posts on job posting sites in Hong Kong often offer advice and tips for job seekers. They are often written by recruitment experts whose advice and tips can take your job application to the next-level, and make a marked difference between success and disappointment. While you might think the blog posts on job posting sites in HK can be biased, they offer you an insider perspective on how industry professionals manage interviews and careers. By learning how recruitment experts manage their careers, you can set yourself apart from the crowd. 


However with that said, there are an abundance of helpful resources out there, which makes it difficult to find the most valuable resources on your own. Here at Recruiters Give Back, we’ve curated a few career development links that we think can be useful for all job hunters looking to elevate their job application. 


How to ace your video interview. Checklist for Candidates

Stanton House Recruitment Company provides a step by step checklist to help you ensure you show up in the best possible way for your online interview

Advice on the Virtual Hiring Process

Proco Global sends some help on the virtual hiring process from the Client and Candidate point of view

Proco Group.png



Are you a Recruiter or a fellow Job Hunter in HK who knows of helpful links that would help job seekers to increase their chances for success? If you have free and useful resource that you think might help, please send an email to

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