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Etiquette at work

Is there a protocol to follow? Is there an underline code that we must comply with?

Every place is unique. Every organization has an ingrained culture that the sooner you learn, the better for you and those around you. Nevertheless, some behaviours can be applied everywhere and anywhere.

Do not bring your whole self to work. Reserve your aches, grievances, flimsy excuses and noisy opinions of your roommate, the pandemic puppy and the houseplants to yourself and your close ones.

Fully show up. Mindfully be there, at your work, focusing on what you must do and how you can do it better. There is no silly or unimportant task. Your signature will be in every little thing you do, so do your best.

Job is part of your life, not your whole life. It is unfair to ask the workplace to deal with all your hopes, dreams, and problems. It’s not work’s job to provide self-fulfilment or self-actualization. Like a life partner, a friend, or a hobby, each satisfies different aspects of your life; the same applies to your work.

Last takeaway...

A golden rule that helps to understand what to say in any situation is, “what I want to say bring any value into the conversation?”. If yes, then share it. Otherwise, sometimes silence is the best option.

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