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A Story About Hope - The girl who found a new job. This is a true story

Once upon a time there was a girl who lost her job. It was sudden and shocking and it made her very sad. To start with she really didn’t know what to do. However, resourcefulness told her she needed to do something so here’s what she did first.

Take One Step

She made a list of everybody she knew who might be able to help. Friends, family, friends of family, ex colleagues and recent colleagues. She made a plan to connect with all of them, firstly being curious and compassionate to them. Then also letting them know about her current situation and asking if they had any resources they would like to share with her to help her on her new journey towards finding a new job.

Then she made a list of the top companies she would like to work for. She decided that she would check the websites and job boards every other day and start networking with the people that she would be working with in her divisions. Not asking them for a job if there wasn’t one, but just connecting with them as human beings because they might be useful for each other and able to help each other at some point in the future.

Be Proactive

This girl did not want to sit around being unhappy. She wanted to be proactive. She decided to look at what really gave her joy and she loves doing and tried to expand upon this. She started designing a website for a friend and discovered that she really enjoyed this. So she took another course which would allow her to improve her skills in this area. If not for now in the future this might be useful for her.

Be Organized

Next she made a spreadsheet. This had all the important details of people she spoke with and connected with as well as the companies and the date she spoke to them. She did not want to be annoying and contact them too often. However she wanted them to remember her when a new job became available. Therefore she also put a next connection date on her spreadsheet to make sure that she would be at the forefront of their minds if any jobs came up by sending them something interesting, informative, exciting and relevant to them on a monthly basis.

She worked hard on this, had a working day set for herself with an hour for lunch. However she also had fun learning something new and bringing some new skills to her portfolio of knowledge.

People started talking to her because they knew her situation. She seemed like a nice girl, she seemed like a kind and compassionate person. They would let her know when there were jobs available. They would let her know when they saw adverts that might be right for her.

Be Genuine

She was genuine when she reached out to strangers, she really had an understanding of what to do next even if it was just a process that she was going through. This gave her some routine and something to work towards.

It took a little while but people started to get to know who she was. They saw that she was genuine in her messaging and her reach out. Then one day because she was memorable and she was at the forefront of someone’s mind They reached out to her.

The girl had been out of work for a while but finally she had a chance she is the interview and got the job it was well deserved.

The moral of this story is be methodical, be curious and compassionate about people. Find some commonality to create a long lasting relationship with a person. The remainder will follow.

Keep going, be strong, it will happen.

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