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A Free LinkedIn Invitation Template Which Gives Maximum Response

Updated: May 11, 2020

I’ve been asked many times how to connect with people on LinkedIn. It’s a new phenomenon on for many people especially in the more mature category. However why would you connect with someone on LinkedIn? Ask yourself this question and then formulate an invitation around this. Below is a template for a LinkedIn invitation which works really well.

There are some which will connect with anyone and are open networkers. However what if you want to connect with specific people?

Firstly remember when you send the LinkedIn invitation that only the first line of your message will be seen initially. So you need to grab their attention.

Below is a great LinkedIn invitation template which has a high response rate:

Dear (name), I can see that you and I have…….. in common/ went to the same school/ both love scuba-diving/ both worked in supply chain at…… OR I read your article on LinkedIn/ Business Insider/ any other magazine. This article was really interesting as I am in a similar position/ have a fascination with this also. It would be great to connect up as one day in the future we might be helpful for each other. Stay safe. All the best Caroline

Remember the curious, ensure you have read their profile. Be kind and compassionate.

You're connecting human to human. You’re building a long-term relationship. When it comes to job-seeking you have to have the documentation/ online presence to be found, be in the right place at the right time to apply, or you have to be memorable enough that they come to you. Make your message memorable!

Caroline Langston is an Executive, Career and Life Coach who loves helping people be successful and happy in their careers and lives. Connect for more information at

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